The Reason

God gives each of us a story to live out. We each get a life, we get a foundation and we spend each day making choices that lead us in different directions. God knows where we have been, where we are trying to go, where we were supposed to be going, and when we will finally give up and let Him lead us to where we are supposed to be. This is the story of how I found, and keep finding everyday where God told me to go, which directions I chose that took me farther away from Him and the beautiful love I finally crashed into when I hit the bottom of a broken heart.

Posts are listed in backwards chronological order, so the newest posts are always on top of the BLOG section. If you are a new reader I would suggest going back to the very beginning so that you can travel through the events of my life as they happened and maybe it will save you from some of the pits of despair and heartbreak that I fell into.

Please feel free to share with anyone you know who could use my story. It isn’t for everyone and that is okay, but through my work I have come to understand that many women suffer from the same holes in their heart that I did and they are, just like I am searching for the ONE who can fill those holes.

If you are encouraged by my story and you’d like to give, donations are welcomed thru cash app $InHisImage1978

Happy reading and STAY WILD!