If the book is on this list, I have personally read it and God used reading them to show me a revelation of some sort. 
1) Wholeness – Winning in Life from the Inside Out by Toure Roberts

2) The Wounded Heart by Dr. Dan Allender

3) Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes Roberts

4) Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts

5) Healing the Wounds of the Past by TD Jakes

6) Woman Thou Art Loosed! by TD Jakes

7) God Where is My Boaz by Stephan Labossiere

8) The Father Daughter Talk by RC Blakes

9) Boundaries Updated and Expanded Edition by Henry Cloud, John Townsend

10) The Power of Words: Rev J Martin

11) You Can Transform Your Life: The Power of Prayer

12) Prayers to Break Negative and Evil Soul Ties, Agreements and Covenants by Daniel Okpara

13) God’s Grace is on the Way Rev J Martin

14) Sex, Lies, and Soul Ties by Tiffany Buckner

15) Listening Prayer: How to Know That Your Prayers Have Been Answered by Daniel Okpa

16) When God Makes You Wait by Adam Hogue

17) A Battle Even King’s Lost by Raul F Moreno

18) Healing the Soul of a Woman by Joyce Meyer

19) Purpose Awakening by Toure Roberts

20) The Prayer Warrior’s Ultimate Handbook by Adam Houge

21) Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby 

22) Hungry for More of God by Rob Currie

23) Choosing Forgiveness by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

24) Power for Living by TD Jakes

25) The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

26) The 5 Love Languages of God by Gary Chapman

27) 6 Rules Every Man must Break by Bill Perkins

28) Love Does by Bob Goff

29) Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

30) Unqualified by Steven Furtick

31) The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord by TD Jakes

32) Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver

33) Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You by E James Wilder, James Friesen, Maribeth Poole, Anne M Bierling, Rick Koepcke

34) I Talk Back to the Devil by A.W. Tozer

35) Healing the Wounded Heart by Dr. Dan Allender

36) Twelve Lies You Hear in Church

37) Ten Lies the Church Tells Women by J Lee Grady

38) The Confident Woman- Knowing Who You are In Christ – Anabel Gillham

39) Jesus >Religion by Jefferson Bethke

40) Soul Ties by RC Blakes

41) Satan’s Dirty Little Secrets by Pastor Steve Foss

42) Undefiled by Harry Shaumburg

43) Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick

44) Relationship Goals by Michael Todd

45) Daddy Loves His Girls by T.D. Jakes

46) Be Real because Fake is Exhausting by Rick Bezet

47) The Wait by Meagan Good and Devon Franklin

48) Sons of the Father by Gordon Dalbey

49) Devil-Proof Your Family by Ken and Trudi Blount

50) Healing the Father Wound by Kathy Rodriguez

51) Healing for the Father Wound by H. Norman Wright

52) God Has an Answer for Our Unmet Needs by Charles Stanley

53) When God Doesn’t Make Sense by Dr. James Dobson

54) Where are the Men by Pastor Jacqueline Flowers

55) Equal to Serve -Women and Men in the Church and Home by Gretchen Gaebelein Hull

56) Beyond the Veil -Entering into Intimacy with God thru Prayer by Alice Smith

57) Boundaries in Dating by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

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